Blessing & Healing

Blessing & Healing Rituals

Rev. Carolyn offers healing and blessing rituals created specifically for your needs. Are you transitioning into a new phase of life, a new job perhaps, or maybe you are about to start that weight loss program, and you are hoping to receive a blessing for the journey? Rev. Carolyn joyfully crafts ceremonies to honor the moment and spiritually strengthen you for the experience. Home blessings are also available when you have the joy of transitioning into a new living space.

Healing rituals are offered during challenging personal transitions in our lives. A healing ritual may include reiki healing, affirmations, chanting, visualizations and meditations as needed. Further consultation required in order to craft the specifics of your unique ritual. Every individual and every circumstance calls for particular care. Allow Rev. Carolyn to craft the perfect experience to support you through whatever it is that you are moving through in this moment.

Rev. Carolyn offers her ceremonies throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC. For more information,
please fill out the Sacred Ceremony Contact Form and Rev. Carolyn will contact you shortly.

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