"You are not only an amazing yoga instructor, but an inspiring and beautiful human being. You have touched all of us, your students, very deeply. With every class you teach us how to honor ourselves, remind us of the simple joys of life, and guide us to allow a deep sense of peace and calmness to enter our bodies, minds and spirits. We are all blessed to know you and share in your sacred practice. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. Namaste."
- Karen P.


Yoga is not about putting yourself into interesting contortions. It’s about putting yourself in this moment, being present with this experience of the body and finding a way to accept yourself and love yourself through it-whatever position you find yourself in right now. It's from this place of self-love & self-acceptance that we accomplish more than we imagined possible for ourselves.

In a little over a year, I lost over 100 lbs. It was through the practice of yoga that I was able to find the self-acceptance and self-compassion needed for the transformation. I gave away all of my "skinny jeans" and committed to loving my size 20 self, unconditionally. When the smaller sized clothes were gone and I let go of the images of who and what I should be then I was able to see myself as I was – lovable & sacred as I am. It was only after choosing self-acceptance that the first pounds were lost. It was only when I chose to love & accept myself as I was, that I was able to manifest my vision for what I could be.

Yoga has the power to change your mind, change your body and change your experience of life. But most importantly, yoga leads you to you, as you are in any moment. In any pose, it's you; the experience in your body, your breath, your heart beating. When you meet yourself there, in the moment, you’ll find a sacred and vulnerable being asking to be loved and endlessly lovable exactly as she is. You meet yourself and find that you are sacred and lovable as you are, however you are, right now. That's where the healing and transformation takes place. That’s when you begin to find yourself in positions you didn’t know were possible for you.

Let Rev. Carolyn guide you down the path that she, herself, has taken and support you as you powerfully manifest the vision you hold for yourself in your heart. Rev. Carolyn’s yoga classes support a deep personal experience of the poses and her supportive approach encourages acceptance of our sacred bodies exactly as they are. Classes are suitable for beginners or any practitioner yearning for a meditative, nourishing and transformative experience.

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