Yoga Reviews

Yoga Reviews

I wanted to take a few minutes to sing the praises of my Gentle Yoga, Spiritual Stretching and Meditation class instructor, Ms. Carolyn DeVito. Where did you find her??? She is beyond amazing!!! I so look forward to each class with Carolyn; she brings the best out of each member of the class by modifying the moves, if need be, for those who may have a particular physical ailment at the moment ... or a chronic issue, without missing a beat of the class for those who are able to keep up. The yoga and stretching classes have really helped to keep me moving and flexing ... and capping them off with the guided meditation class puts me, I believe, on an elevated spiritual and gentler emotional level. Thank you again for such a fine instructor. She is indeed a very special person and I feel I would be remiss if I did not let you know.
-Rose M.
This comment is to compliment Carolyn DeVito on two of her classes- Meditation Mix & Spiritual Stretching. Since taking her classes my blood work results have improved. My cholesterol levels have gone down and good cholesterol went up. I feel there is a connection with her classes.
-Lena Y.
I cannot write enough about how wonderful Rev. Carolyn is. She is an absolutely brilliant yoga instructor. She is welcoming in her personality, clear in her instruction, and nurturing in the tone set in the studio.
- Randi P.
The first yoga class I ever took was with Carolyn. She managed to speak to the room and to each individual student, regardless of his/her skill level, in such a way that we never felt as though we were being lost in the group. Her calm and sincerity while leading the room made it a completely relaxed and energizing experience. I will definitely take more of her classes in the future.
- Roya M.
It was a pleasure to experience yoga teacher training with Carolyn. It was clear even then that Carolyn would make an excellent teacher. Indeed, her knowledge about yoga is matched by her apparent compassion for her students. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone interested in learning what yoga is truly all about.
- Karen K.
I love Carolyn DeVito’s energy, and the peace, harmony, and love she brings with her every time she enters a room is overwhelming. She is so dedicated to her craft, and you really feel that she cares about you. Blessed are those who get to work with Carolyn DeVito and share her sweet and loving energy.
- Karin A.
I love your classes and find them to be so healing and refreshing.
- Karen P.
Thank you for your yoga instruction ... I come away from your class each and every time feeling more alive and exhilarated!
- Rose M.

Compilation of responses from an anonymous survey after classes:

Exactly what I have been searching for, both challenging and spiritual!

When I entered, I felt numb like I was dying.
Now, after this class I feel alive, at peace, and life is worth living again. Carolyn has a beautiful soul. She is a great teacher.

She is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable in her field.
Carolyn is very informative & kind.
She offers clear instruction and I was able to forget all of my worries and relax.
Stretching and breathing make me feel stronger and more relaxed.
I wish I had the opportunity to take Carolyn’s classes more often. I’ve recommended them to my whole family.

Professional, fabulous, fantastic, amazing. 
Carolyn is welcoming, knowledgeable and phenomenal. 
I never took yoga before but feel so comfortable in Carolyn’s class.

Carolyn offers a great session for the entire body. I feel great after each class.

Classes are most inspiring and informative- great for one’s well-being!

I love the rhythm of the class and the teacher’s soothing voice. Great class.
Carolyn was very knowledge & mindful of individual needs.

Carolyn is a great instructor- patient, helpful, encouraging and calming.

It is the only time I relax. Carolyn is great.

Classes are well organized and are helping me become more agile.

I love the presentation of the class. Instructions are easy to follow.
Very enjoyable class.

I have such a sense of well-being after the sessions.
The poses are challenging but very doable.
The meditation is very relaxing and de-stressing.

I love everything about these classes, but especially the instructor!
I loved the wide variety of meditation techniques I have learned.
Carolyn is very knowledgeable and kind.

Great yoga workout! Just keep it coming!
Sessions really help my lower back problems.
Carolyn is great- makes the class all that it is- Wonderful.

Carolyn is great -a joy! Very engaging.
I cannot say enough wonderful things regarding my gentle yoga instructor, Carolyn. She is so spiritual and sensitive.
I also attend her meditation class which is also totally enlightening.
One senior in particular had improved physically from attending her class. Carolyn is a lovely gentle person.

The best yoga class I've ever taken.

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